European Summer School: LIGHT!

Dates: du 06 Juillet 2015 au 11 Juillet 2015

Organisateur: Université de Strasbourg

Partenaires:  Université de Strasbourg, Region Alsace, CUS, CNRS, KIS-Freiburg

Thème:  education-et-jeunesse

Lieu / Adresse:  Université de Strasbourg 4 Rue Blaise Pascal, Strasbourg

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An introduction to modern Physics of Light
The European Summer School of the University of Strasbourg is a prestigious one-week meeting of students from all over Europe. They present their research projects and attend lectures on some of the most recent topics in physics presented by internationally known scientists.
Light is around us every day, providing energy for life, contrast and beauty in our landscapes and in our art, tools for amazing technological progress, and a fascinating challenge for scientists. In 2014, two Nobel Prizes rewarded scientific achievements related to the usage or production of light: the Nobel Prize in Physics went to the inventors of the blue LED, and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry to those who first succeeded in tracking the few photons emitted by a suitably prepared single molecule. These prizes were not the first, and will not be the last. Light remains the most direct messenger between matter and us, the observers, be it at the smallest or the largest scales in the universe. Its interactions with matter can be exploited in many ways. This Summer School will provide insights into the intriguing double nature of light (electromagnetic wave and particle), and into the ways light can be exploited to explore nature from the tiniest scales to stars and the cosmos. The student will obtain an overview of the interactions between light and matter, and see detailed examples of how the understanding of these interactions helps inventing new technologies or manipulating the radiation itself.

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